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摘要: 求英语帝,帮忙写一篇关于青少年肥胖现象严重的作文,初三水平就行,抄袭的就算了。 The cause of obesityAs t...


The cause of obesity

As time goes by, more people are becoming heavier and heavier; therefore,

Obesity has become a big problem that no one can ignore. More people have begun to realize that being overweight could affect their health, and it could cause many kinds of diseases. People who are overweight have started to find some ways to lose weight. When people want to lose weight, the most important thing that they have to know is the cause of obesity. These are some of the causes of obesity.

First, eating too much is a significant cause of obesity. Some people who feel happy or sad tend to eat a lot of food, and they do not want to stop eating. Emotion is the cause of eating too much in this case. If people are very sad or angry, they eat more to make themselves happy. Also, some people who are stressed prefer to eat more to relax. For example, when a couple breaks up, and the girl feels very sad, she will likely eat some high calorie food like chocolate and fast food, thinking that sweet food can make her happy. Most girls like to eat sweet food like chocolate and candy when they feel unhappy. In addition, people eat too much fast food. Fast food has a lot of calorie and oil, and it easily makes people’s weight increase. For instance, fast food is very popular in the United States. Research has shown that in America, 70% of people are overweight and 40% of people are obesity. Research shows that fast food is an important cause of obesity.

Second, lacking physical activity is an important cause of obesity. In the modern world, everything has become more convenient,and this makes people lake exercise. Most people spend hours in front of the computer or TV, and when they want to go out, they always use cars even though it might be a short way to go. Technology makes daily life more convenient, but also makes people inactive. Additionally, people have become busier than before, and as a result have no time to exercise. Every worker has to work all day, and after finishing his/her job, he/she feels very tired and does not want to do ant physical exercise. For example, most have to be at their jobs from 8am to 5pm in China, and there are some people that have to work in the evening as will making them feel tired and wanting to go sleep.

In conclusion, obesity is a big problem around the world. People should understand the causes of obesity, so they can find good ways to lose weight because obesity can affect people’s health and ultimately their survival.



China youth overweight add obesity has reached 21%


The former vice minister of ministry of China preventive medical association, WangLongDe 24 in health, held "2009 international health lifestyle expo" mmorpgs? Now that China urban aged 0-6 year-old child, overweight add obesity has reached 8%, 7-17 of teenagers overweight add obesity has reached 21%.


If without early note of words, this will be our national disaster.


WangLongDe say children fat main reason is drinkable sugary soft drinks, this to cause the child obesity is very, very important.


Now many countries to put forward some legislative restrictions.


Childhood obesity weight than adults will difficulty, because childhood obesity is not simply like grown-ups merely fat cells increased in size, and childhood obesity is fat cells of the number and size also increased and increases, so solve up more difficult.


WangLongDe reminds say, now basically most common diseases, including infectious disease and chronic diseases, and lifestyles related.

湖南:青少年营养不良率偏高 肥胖率上升

Hunan: teens nutrition defective rate higher obesity rate rise

否 近日,由共青团湖南省委、少先队湖南省工作委员会、国家统计局湖南调查总队等联合进行了湖南省少年身体发展状况调查,报告显示,湖南省青少年、儿童的体质、对性的了解等方面还存在不少问题。

No recently, by the communist youth league hunan party committee, the young pioneers hunan working committee, the national bureau of statistics hunan survey office etc jointly conducted hunan young body development condition investigation, the report indicates, hunan teenagers, children's physical, sexual understand aspects there are still quite a few problems.


The questionnaire random in hunan province, six municipal selected a 11566 bits 6-14 years old children and teenagers as survey objects.


Investigation shows, hunan 6-14 years old children growth accelerating demands, but there are also rising obesity rates high nutritional defective rate and the situation.


The obese child's detection rate reaches 5.4% average every age group.


Cause fat ratio rose is the main cause of not eating: somebody loves naps not used to eating breakfast and dinner excessive,


Like to eat high quantity of heat, high fat fast food, like coke drinks; etc.


Habit for dessert, chocolate.


Malnutrition caused mainly because junk food.


In addition, junk food, soft drinks, excessive intake is another reason.


Due to the young childhood health quality will affect adolescent reproductive health level, the survey also specially for senior young ErTongXing sample survey for the education.


According to the results of the survey in adolescence, their reproductive system is very understand, understand a little only 16.9% have accumulated understanding, 57.9% 74.9 percent rate for the opposite sex reproductive system, the accumulation of understanding, rate of 44.3% undervalued condition.


This to effectively prevent adolescent sex and adolescent accidental pregnancy adverse, their physiological health lesson should further strengthen.


Investigation still shows, teenagers about HIV/AIDS and understand rate has reached 87.1%.

关于青少年肥胖现象的原因和建议写一篇英语作文 120词左右

Health is far more important than wealth.Good health enables us to enjoy our life and achieve what we hope for in our career.On the contrary,poor health leads to nothing.